Learn about our rental offer for training rooms in the VIZJA PARK campus. In total, we offer 118 rooms with spaces ranging from 30 to 456 m2 for groups of 8 to 463 people. Room layout and furnishing can be freely arranged. The conference center zone enables flexible allocation of rooms. Additionally, we provide technical assistance in hosting video conferences and teleconferences with online transmission along with simultaneous interpreting services.

VIZJA PARK offers a main hall with a capacity to accommodate 463 people and four halls for 223 and 296 people. The hall can be extended with a 166 m2 foyer and an additional 153 m2 hall.

There are 8 computer labs on campus, fitted with state-of-the-art equipment and software, enabling teaching statistical calculation, computer graphics, databases, mobile device programming and application development in all modern programming languages.

There are several specialized rooms on campus, which allow, among others: simulations of court trials, press conferences and public speeches, as well as stock market simulations. The specialized facilities also include: biological laboratory, chemical and physical laboratory with powder control cabinets and EEG, rehabilitation laboratory, sensory integration therapy laboratory.

VIZJA PARK boasts a full-size sports hall, which can be split into 3 sectors and a smaller sports hall and ballet room. This August, one sector of the large sports hall will be equipped with a 6.5 m mountain climbing wall with 10 stands equipped with a modern TRUBLUE belaying system allowing independent climbing, without a partner.

The modern infrastructure of the VIZJA PARK campus is ideal for extensive preparation of various events. Corporate, promotional, special, and family events are perfect for our venues.

The density and variety of events on the campus, as well as the large audience, make VIZJA PARK the perfect place for promoting and advertising various products and services. Selected areas of the campus are available for promotional actions, e.g. the main hall, central lobbies, the foyer, rooms with optional mobile receptions. Furthermore, advertising on TV screens mounted in the building is also possible.

VIZJA PARK allows renting office or administrative space for institutions utilizing an educational infrastructure.

VIZJA PARK provides a wide array of additional services and possibilities. The campus features high-quality guest rooms, a catering area providing extensive catering services, self-service cloakrooms, a library and the underground parking lot. We are also ready to organize a number of other activities such as yoga, ballroom dancing, MMA, and active childcare classes.

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Specialized Rooms
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